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Why אהלל דבר?


Hello reader! I’m excited to welcome you to my blog entitled “אהלל דבר“! I plan on writing about my personal struggles and triumphs in life, in light of Rebbe Nachman from Breslov‘s teachings. My hope is that the reader will relate to these human struggles and be inspired by Rebbe Nachman‘s timeless advice to come closer to his creator.

What about the name אהלל דבר? Well, when I was 17 I visited the saintly Bobover Rebbe zt”l with my step Grandfather, whose parents were Bobover chassidim. I gave the Rebbe the kvittel with my name and my mother’s name, דוד בן רחל. He read it and said in yiddish that my name, דוד בן רחל, is an acronym for the word דבר. He then smiled at me, with his beautiful smile, and blessed me that I should be a דבר גדול בישראל, (“a great thing in Israel”). That blessing always made an impression on me.

In Tehillim (56) King David sings “באלוקים אהלל דבר, בי-הוה אהלל דבר” (Through God’s judgement, I will praise His word [and] through God’s kindness I will praise His word). All the commentaries note the greatness of King David’s ability to praise God consistently, whether in times of suffering or in times of joy. I always connected to this verse because as the Rebbe said, the acronym of my name is the word דבר. So I understand it as a personal message: “Davy, whether times are tough or times are good, you have the capability to praise God’s name”!

That’s what I’d like this blog to be about. I try to be real and somewhat honest with my personal struggles and I recently found in the writings of Rebbe Nachman a means for me to express my feelings and thoughts about the ups and downs of life. Whether there is kindness or, God forbid, judgment there is always a way to connect to the Divine!

It’s my prayer that this blog only sanctifies God’s name and brings the reader closer to Him and to their ultimate purpose of creation. Amen!

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