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Do you believe in miracles?


Rebbe Nachman said that the reason we’re stuck in exile is due to our lack of faith (Torah 7). But the polls show that an increasing number of Israeli Jews believe in God, so how are we lacking faith? The answer is that we don’t believe in our prayers and we don’t believe in miracles.

In Likutei Eitzos (Emes V’Emunah 4) Reb Nosson says that faith is only found in areas where we lack understanding, because if something is understood, what need is there to have faith in it? But on the other hand how can you know what to have faith in if you don’t understand it? He answers profoundly, based on Torah 7, that faith is dependent on truth. If a person seeks the real truth, he’ll come to faith.

What can you say about prayer and miracles? It’s really hard to believe that my little prayer can make a difference. I know myself and I know my smallness. How could it be that someone as insignificant as me can effect change with my prayers? The answer is that Hashem is simply waiting for your prayer to give you that which you want. A miracle isn’t some far-fetched fantasy that happens once in a lifetime, but rather embedded in the creation is a positive response to our prayers. King David sang “ואמונתך סביבותיך”, your faith encircles you (Psalms 51:17). This means that just like a circle has no edges for one to grab hold of, so too is faith incomprehensible. But it also means that faith, or prayer, surrounds us. The miracles are surrounding us, right there, ready to be revealed!

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