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Wake up and Save the World

Oh no! It's the 9 days again. Ever get that feeling? Me too. Want that feeling to go away? Me too. So how can we get rid of it? One good way would be to get rid of the 9 days altogether. Chazal tell us that "in any generation that the Holy Temple is not rebuilt, it's as if that generation destroyed it". If we had been to the Holy Temple, experienced the holiness of it and then seen it destroyed, we'd definitely cry a lot. It seems like it was just a building. But it's not just a building, or even a holy building, it's the embodiment of our souls. The pain and suffering that we're going through, and even the pain of the whole world is directly related to the lack of Hashem's presence in the world, because our Holy Temple is gone.

So what can we do? Well, literally the third halacha in our Shulchan Aruch says as follows: "It's fitting for anyone with awe of Heaven to feel pain and distress over the destruction of the Holy Temple" (Orach Chaim 1:3) The Mishna Brurah there spells out how to practice this "pain and distress". One should try and get up at Chatzos (midnight) to say the Tikkun Chatzos (The Midnight Repair), which is a special prayer service recited nightly throughout the year to express our grief and concern over the destruction of the Holy Temple, the Jewish exile and our yearning for redemption.

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov was BIG into Chatzos. He once said "A Jew's main devotion is to get up for Chatzos" (Sichos HaRan 301). He also said that "Tikkun Chatzos has the power of redemption. It sweetens harsh decrees" (Likutei MoHaRan I, 149). Reb Nosson writes that "Just as the Exodus from Egypt began at Chatzos, so too the final Redemption will begin at Chatzos. And it will come in the merit of those who get up for Chatzos" (L"H Hashkamas Haboker 1:15)

When is chatzos? Breslovers hold of the opinion that it begins 6 hours after sunset and lasts for two hours. (For example, tonight in Beit Shemesh it would be from 1:44am-3:44am). (FYI - You don't have to get up, if you're already up). There are two parts (or two Tikkunim) in the service. Tikkun Rachel, which is more about mourning, and Tikkun Leah, which is more about yearning. We only say both parts on days that we recite Tachanun. So on Shabbos, Yom Tov etc., we only say Tikkun Leah.

So here's the idea. Why don't we all try to say Tikkun Chatzos for these 9 days? 🤩 Wow! I can't imagine what a noise it would make in the Heavens if simple folk like us would get up at night and say it during these 9 days. Let's do it collectively. Join the Whatsapp group invite below if you're commited to give it a shot. Post an emoji/sticker/gif/pic or whatever the heck you want when you finish the Tikkun Chatzos prayer to encourage the other participants. Share how it is going for you. Ask your questions etc. Please keep the discussion related to the topic. It's a 9 day trial and a 9 day Whatsapp group. Let's make a difference and help bring the redemption that much closer. Who's in?

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