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Help finance this vital work for publication before Rosh Hashana!

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Uman Rosh Hashana

by Rabbi Jonathan Rietti & David Dombrowsky

Why did 60,000 Jews converge on a small Ukrainian city for Rosh Hashana last year?

Why would anyone leave their family to visit the gravesite of a Rabbi they never met?​

What did Rebbe Nachman of Breslov really say about Rosh Hashana?


This unprecedented book is completely sourced in the Gemara, Midrash and Zohar

Without using any Chassidic texts, it explains:

That since Creation, there has always been one Tzaddik (righteous Jew) at the forefront.

The Torah origin for binding oneself to Talmidei Chachamim (Torah scholars), Tzaddikim (righteous Jews) and ultimately to the Tzaddik Emes (the preeminent Tzaddik).

How Rebbe Nachman of Breslov could make the sensational claims that he did.

Get real answers in this brand-new book published by Breslov Research Institute


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Rabbi Jonathan Rietti 

Rabbi Jonathan Rietti has produced over twenty-five lecture albums on topics including inner growth, health, parenting and Jewish identity. He draws upon his background in the film and advertising industries to both entertain and share powerful insights on love, happiness and "emotional intelligence". He lectures across the U.S. and worldwide for the Gateways Organization.


David Dombrowsky

David Dombrowsky is the author of Tikkun Haklali with Easy-to-Read English Narration. As  an active blogger on and, he dedicates his spare time to spreading awareness of Breslov teachings and lifestyle. Thousands of English-speaking Jews all around the world now have access to the power of Tikkun Haklali due to  David's work.

In honor of a loved one, help us raise the funds for final editing, typesetting and printing of this fantastic book.

Letter = $18

Word = $36

Sentence = $118

Paragraph = $236

Chapter = $360

Back Cover = $613

Front Cover = $1,018

Entire Book = $1,800

Other  = $ ???


Published by Breslov Research Institute

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